The Famous Window

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When visiting the Fox Talbot Museum in Lacock Abbey, England, I took a few pics of the famous southern gallery latticed window, which was the subject of the first paper negatives by Talbot.

The latticed window of Lacock Abbey; views from outside and inside.

One of Talbot’s “mousetrap” cameras that were used to photograph the window.

This is probably the first known negative of the latticed window…

…although this one, from 1835, may be the most well-known in the history of photography.

Luck With Prints

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One more posting about the Eurobrom meeting — just can’t tell how lucky I am now that I have in my possession these two great prints from the print exchange… see?

A palladium print by Jacques Collet.

Pierre Monnereau‘s oilprint.

Two More Shows

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While in Paris we found two more exhibitions definitely worth seeing: Photography Not ArtNaturalism according to P.H. Emerson (1886-1895) at the Musée d’Orsay and Glass Memories by Quinn Jacobson at the Centre Iris.

The room of platinum prints by P. H. Emerson at the Musée d’Orsay. There was another room exhibiting also his photogravures — great examples of images that don’t need to be blown up large to be touching.

Very strong and personal collodion wet plate work at the Centre Iris…

…by Quinn Jacobson.


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The second day of the Eurobrom meeting was spent at the  Bièvres International Photofair, an antique and second hand photographic fare, taking place on the first weekend of June every year.

Having drinks in the APA booth.

In Bièvres you can find everything in photography; from mammoth view cameras…

…to vintage film cameras and digital equipment.

All fully working cameras here.

Except for cameras, accessories, photographic prints, etc. there were shows of making prints (bromoil, etc.) and photographing wet plate collodion images.

Quinn Jacobson, with assistants, made wet plate portraits…

…that the sitters could have after processing.

Portfolio Presentations

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There were great portfolio presentations at the Eurobrom meeting, here are pictures of just a few of the numerous presenters.

Pierre-Louis Martin from France showed some incredible mordançage prints.

Maija McDougal from Great Britain showing her portfolio.

Lawrenz Le Goffic usually works with palladium, but at the Eurobrom she had aluminium plates that were sensitized in a mysterious way…

…to produce beautiful images.

Pirkko Holm from the Project Vedos.

Lynda Tygart from USA with her bromoil porfolio.

Heide Chalmot from Germany had a very elegant portfolio.

René Smets from Belgium has mastered many alternative printing processes. What he’s holding here looks like a mirror — but it’s a daguerrotype, made by himself.

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