Closing The Case Lith

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I am closing the case of lith printing today. As I am writing a small manual of alternative printing processes, and there were just a few things that needed checking, I made a few more prints from digital negatives. I was trying Moersch Easy Lith developer this time, with different dilutions and developing times. With the Moersch chemicals it seems that starting lith printing is quite straightforward and fun… the instructions following the chemicals are clear and simple, and by following them there really shouldn’t be a reason why not succeed right from the first prints.

The first prints in a freshly mixed lith developer normally don’t look anything special, the developer has to age a little bit. I made a couple of “aging prints” on the Silverprint Proof VC glossy paper, a budget price RC paper. They actually looked quite nice warm tone prints — even without the lith effect.

A print on Silverprint Proof VC paper, developed with Moersch Easy Lith developer, dilution A 2oml + B 20ml + water 1000ml.

Gradually, as the developer ripened more, I got some quite lovely pink, red and yellow highlight tones, while the shadows developed coarse and funky lith grain. I used Fomatone and Forte papers with Moersch Easy Lith developer and Lith Omega for stronger highlight colors.

Jalo Porkkala: The Power Station, lith print.
Paper: Forte PW FB, developer: Easy Lith 8 min. + Lith Omega 4 min.

Jalo Porkkala: The West Pier, lith print.
Paper: Forte PW FB, developer Easy Lith 10 min.

The Gum Videos

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Here are the videos of my four-color gum printing method on Fabriano Artistico EW, glued on a sheet of aluminum. The full video is too long for YouTube, so I cut it in four parts. You can play them embedded, or you can watch them in larger size HD on YouTube by clicking the video image.

Oh… and if you find the music annoying, feel free to turn the sound off… there is no spoken info. The sound is compiled from iMovie’s short sound clips — not so great… I just felt there must be something 😉

Gum Printing I

Gum Printing II

Gum Printing III

Gum Printing IV

Happy Holidays!

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I certainly am going to post here more… but don’t hold your breath — I guess there will inevitably be a break now as I am writing a report about this little research of ours.

There will be posts coming about gum printing, bromoil, lith printing, and some silver plating after the turn of the year.

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Holidays!

Return To Gum, Part 4

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The last part of the 4-color gum printing; the paper glued onto aluminium. Printing the rest of the layers on top of the black first layer.

Coating the cadmium yellow pigment over the ivory black.

Developing in water after the exposure.

The black plus the yellow layer.

The magenta (permanent carmine) going on top next.

Developing the magenta layer.

Three layers printed.

Coating the last layer, phthalo blue.

The final wash.

Jalo Porkkala: An Oklahoman Landscape, 4-color gum print.

Return To Gum, Part 3

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Printing the first layer of 4-color gum print on a paper attached to aluminum.

Mixing the the sensitizer for the first gum layer. There will be 3 ml of the stock pigment + 6 ml gum + 4 ml distilled water + 4 ml potassium dichromate 13% + Tween 20 1:3 2 drops — that makes 17 ml of the sensitizer in total, for a 26 by 42 cm print.

Coating the paper with the first pigment layer, ivory black in this case.

Registering and taping down the negative for the black layer.

Exposing in a vacuum frame of a plateburner.

Developing the print in water after the exposure.

The first layer (ivory black) of the gum print.

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