This is the Vedos image gallery, where you can find all uploaded sample images in one place. New images will be added after the older ones, so the latest uploads will always be at the bottom of the page.

Hovering the mouse cursor over thumbnail images shows a short description, and clicking a thumbnail opens the image in a new window with more info.

The purpose of this gallery is merely to demonstrate different printing processes, it is not meant to be an “art gallery”. Some images may have multiple occurrences there, printed with different styles and techniques.

In Times Past (Silver gelatin)
Holbrook (Silver gelatin)
The Forgotten Stairway (Silver gelatin)
In Times Past (Cyanotype)
In Times Past (Toned cyanotype)
The Forgotten Stairway (Toned Cyanotype)
Map 2 (Cyanotype)
Under The Water (Cyanotype)
The Travel (Cyanotype and etching)
The Blue Swan (Polymer gravure and cyanotype)
Suloinen unelma (Cyanotype)
Untitled (Toned silver gelatin)
My baby with his brand new Cadillac (Toned cyanotype)
Salainen maailma (Toned silver gelatin)
Kierreporras (Cyanotype)
Arjen polkuja (Toned cyanotype)
Nimetön (Toned and hand colored cyanotype)
Anne 1 & 2 (Cyanotype on plaster)
In Times Past (Pigmented cyanotype)
Psycho (Pigmented cyanotype)
In Times Past (Vandyke Brown)

Thunderstorm Rising (Vandyke Brown)

The Garden Gate (Lith print)
The Garden Gate (Lith print)
Baltic Herring (Mordancage print)
Moscow 1979 (Mordancage print)
In Times Past (Mordancage print)
Convallaria Majalis #1 (Lumen print)
Heracleum Mantegazzianum #1 (Lumen print)
Convallaria Majalis #6 (Lumen print)
Urtica Dioica #2 (Lumen print)
In Times Past (Home-made POP)
The Long Boat (Photo Etching)
In Times Past (Gum bichromate)
In Times Past (Gum bichromate)
Cupidos (Gum bichromate)
Työn kultaa (Liquid Silver Emulsion)
Hämärän kulkijoita 4 (Gumoil)
Anne's Gum Prints
Samos Wall (Tri-color gum / cyanotype)
Untitled (Polymer Gravure)
Untitled (Polymer Gravure)
You Keep Me Sane (Polymer gravure)
The Ahlstrom Oak (Pigment toned Vandyke brown)
The Brännbäck Pine Tree (Pigment toned Vandyke brown)
Saarineva Forest (Pigment toned Vandyke brown)
Ficus Macrophylla (Pigment toned Vandyke brown)
Poplar Road (Pigment toned Vandyke brown)
Monsieur Jourdain (Pigment toned Vandyke brown)
Madame Jourdain (Pigment toned Vandyke brown)
The Music Master (Pigment toned Vandyke brown)
The Birthday Party (Cyanotype)
Jukka (Clear glass ambrotype)
Jacques Collet (Palladium print)
Pierre Monnereau (Oilprint)
The Ahlstrom Bridge (summer) (Fake Ambrotype)
The Ahlstrom Bridge (spring) (Fake Ambrotype)
In Times Past (Ziatype)
A Scottish Landscape (Pigment toned Ziatype)
A Martian Landscape (Pigment toned Ziatype)
A Norwegian Landscape (Pigment toned Ziatype)
An Oklahoman Landscape (Pigment toned Ziatype)
Leaf (Anthotype)
Lion Statue (Anthotype)
Lacock (Anthotype)
Vevey (Anthotype)
Free Flight (Anthotype)
An Oklahoman Landscape (Gum print)
The Power Station (Lith print)
The West Pier (Bromoil)
Tree Eight (Bromoil)
Twin Columns (Silver plating)
Chalon (Silver plating)