I made a few cyanotype test prints to define a correction curve to be used with image files. The curve was created with the Hinkel & Reeder method, printing grayscale negatives using all inks of an Epson R1800.

The ink density produced by the printer seems to be high enough for the traditional cyanotype, which I was using. But it would not be adequate if I were to try it with the new cyanotype or, say, salt print.

There are, however, methods to increase ink densities – one of them is to use QuadTone RIP which will allow you to bypass the Epson printer driver limitations and create custom profiles which control the printerÂ’s ink settings. More on this on the Digital Negatives website.

Two samples of test prints from Epson R1800 grayscale negatives. After creating the correction curves they turned out to be nearly identical for Somerset (left) and Canson papers.

I will do some testing with the new cyanotype too – there is yet another method for colorized negatives to be tried. More on that later.