After a few weeks winter break it’s time to get back to gum printing!


This picture was one of my test images when trying the curves introduced in the previous gum printing post. The picture was taken with a Nikon D70, it is a RAW file, and has been slightly processed by increasing color saturation and vignetting the corners a bit. Cyanotype was used as the cyan layer.

Color separation was made by splitting RGB channels into three separate grayscale images. A correction curve created by ChartThrob was applied to each image. The images were then inverted to negatives and printed on CopyJet transparency. The negative from R channel was printed in cyanotype, B in gum bichromate with yellow pigment, and G with magenta pigment, in this order.

The three separation negatives.

The first two print layers: Cyanotype and Cadmium Yellow.

Jalo Porkkala: Samos Wall, tri-color gum / cyanotype.

Magenta as the topmost layer.

The outcome is a bit powerless and muddy – color balance and saturation are not quite there yet – the Maimeri pigments chosen may not be the most adequate ones for the job. Also printing each color layer twice could yield better color depth.