The next logical step would probably be so-called full color gum printing – making three or four color separation negative set and printing with pigments resembling (more or less) the “real” CMY(K) process colors. We’ll definitely try that too, but meanwhile, I’d like to quickly introduce another slightly different way of building up the desired tone range with the single negative technique – starting with the lightest pigments and proceeding towards the darker ones.

Printed with Maimeri powdered pigments. The first layer is Cadmium Yellow, the second one Alizarin Carmine, and the third one Prussian Blue.

Jalo Porkkala: Cupidos, gum bichromate print.

The fourth layer is another lay-down of Prussian Blue, meant to increase contrast a bit, and cool down the shadow tones.

I kinda like the tonality, although it is not quite what I had in mind; I wanted more red, somewhat hotter look – these guys obviously are a pair of nasty cupids from hell after all. Maybe I´ll add a layer of fiery red one day…