Here is another try to achieve results similar to the previous gum test, using only three print layers.

Thought I should make another version of the negative. Here the correction curve makes it somewhat lower in contrast, compared to the previous one.

The first layer (left) and the second layer on top of it. Funny how warm ivory black looks on Somerset paper…

All three overlapping layers printed.

The Process

Three stock pigments were made and used diluted for the sensitizer:
1. Maimeri Ivory Black 1 g + gum arabic (14 Baume) 20 ml
2. Maimeri Prussian Blue 1 g + gum arabic 20 ml
3. Maimeri Alizarin Carmine 1 g + gum arabic 20 ml

Coating was made with a foam brush, then evened out with a Hake brush.
Paper was Somerset 200g, preshrinked.
Sizing: Gum + dichromate + water, 1+1+1 parts, exposed 4 min. with Osram Ultra-Vitalux from one meter, washed for 60 min.

Layer 1
Pigment: 1 part Ivory Black Stock + 1 part gum + 2 parts dichromate
Exposure: 18 min.
Development: 30 min.

Layer 2
Pigment: 1 part Prussian Blue Stock + 1 part gum + 2 parts dichromate
Exposure: 6 min.
Development: 70 min.

Layer 3
Pigment: 1,5 parts Alizarin Carmine Stock + 0,5 parts gum + 2 parts dichromate
Exposure: 10 min.
Development: 24 min.

Clearing: Potassium disulfite 5% 2 min.