When printing gum bichromate we need high quality pigments to be mixed with gum arabic. Normally folks doing gum are using artists’ watercolors or powdered pigments for this. When shopping for pigments at our local art store (in a small town) the selection seems somewhat limited – here’s what we have found so far:


Maimeri powdered pigments

    These were purchased at the local art shop over ten years ago. I only tried them with a few gum prints at that time, but they have kept well in tightly closed glass jars. I planned to make 4-color gum prints, and chose the pigments as close to CMYK process colors as possible. The pigments are:

Prussian Blue (PB27)
Alizarin Carmine (PR83) I understand this pigment has poor lightfastness, and it doesn’t show any more in Maimeri catalogs.
Cadmium Yellow Medium (PY37)
Ivory Black (PBk9)


Lefranc & Bourgeois Linel watercolours

    High quality French watercolors. Hard to find at art shops – I had friends buy them whenever they visited France. I’ve got a few 5 ml tubes left, but I can’t find them any more on Lefranc & Bourgeois web site 🙁 …
    I have used these Linel pigments for tricolor gum:

Hortensia Blue
Ruby Red
Helios Yellow


Maimeri Venezia watercolours

    There are 12 watercolor tubes in a plastic box. We didn’t like these at all, so we quit using them for the time being. Let’s see what we can do with them later…