One more experiment with the gum printing before the end of the year, and setting the project to rest. This time I was interested in trying to glue the paper to a firm base, to prevent it from shrinking between the wet processes, so that perfect registration of colour layers could be achieved. I used aluminium as the base, because there is a local printing house selling used aluminium offset sheets cheap.

The back of the aluminium offset sheet looks perfect for attaching the paper to…

…but first it must be sanded and cleaned well for the glue to adhere. No need to make it beautiful… it will be covered by the paper.

Rinsing off the sanding dust.

Drying and cleaning with a paper towel.

Coating the back of the paper (Fabriano Artistico Extra White) with diluted PVAc adhesive.

Laying down the paper (with adhesive) on the cleaned aluminium.

Covering the sheet with protective paper and pressing with a roller for good adhesion.

Covering with thick cardboard and using jugs of water as weights.

After the sheet had dried overnight the edges were trimmed. Extra sizing was done using Caparol Binder diluted 1:8 with water.

Mixing the stock colors: Two 5 ml tubes of Schmincke watercolour mixed with 40 ml gum arabic (Varn 14 Bé).

My set for 4-color gum printing: Ivory black, permanent carmine, phthalo blue, and cadmium yellow light.

BTW, all these pictures are stills from my pocket HD video cam, which was set up on a lightweight tripod… I carried the camera around while working and set it up to record the making of a 4-color gum print mounted on a sheet of aluminium. When I get the video edited I will put it online too…

Mitone MITV100 HD Camcorder.