My modest lith experiments were continued with printing another older negative, originating from 1982 or so. The 4×5″ negative was scanned and enlarged, colorized as before and printed on inkjet transparency. The inkjet negative was then contact printed under an enlarger’s light.

This print (on Bergger Prestige CB Art paper) was developed for 45 minutes in the (very slow) developer that was regenerated in the previous lith printing session.

The prints were developed in the used developer from the previous printing session, the developer was replenished by adding a little fresh working strength developer.

As it seemed the exhausted developer wouldn’t work well any more I felt more experimental 😉 : near the end of the developing time the darkroom’s white fluorescent tubes were turned on for a few minutes, then turned off again, and developing continued. As a result there is quite heavy “pepper grain” effect – tiny black specks all over the print – because of fogging during development. Also there is a wide horizontal stripe going through the print due to uneven development – the print was left in the developer without agitation for a long time:

Looks like the developer really had gone bad, so I threw it away after developing this one. Forte Polywarmtone FB Plus, developed for a looong time – didn’t time it exactly but it must have been well over an hour.