A forey into the noble metal world of palladium printing will follow… the printing-out process developed by Dick Sullivan (called Ziatype by him) is said to be one of the easiest alternative processes, yet yielding very stable and beautiful prints. The tones can be varied from cold bluish to warm red-brown by chemistry and paper humidity.

I have mixed the chemistry and I’m ready to start testing with the sensitizers and basic exposure times… but, we’ve had an exceptionally warm weather here in Finland for the last three or four weeks. So my lab (no air-conditioning)  is hot and humid, not very pleasant to work in. (On the other hand, they say these are ideal conditions for Ziatype printing… maybe so, but not ideal for human beings). I’ll wait for a few more days before starting to print…

BTW, for those interested in printing-out palladium, here’s some good reading:

Richard Sullivan and Carl Weese: The New Platinum Print (unfortunately long since sold out, I guess…)

Christopher James: The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes

Christina Anderson: Alternative Processes Condensed

And links online:

Handmade Photographic Images

Ziatype Demos by Jessica Somers