We Vedos folks are staying in Paris right now… we participated in the Eurobrom IV meeting there. I always thought Eurobrom was for those people doing bromoil only, but I must say I haven’t seen such a repertoire of high quality alt-prints in any other meeting before (where I have been, that is)… there were cyanotypes, vandykes, platinum/palladium, gum prints, photogravures, mordancages, pinholes, even a daguerrotype and ambrotype (and I’m sure I can’t even remember them all), and of course, bromoil and oil prints.

We had some very interesting presentations and demonstrations too. I will report back on the meeting when I get back home. For a starter I post here a picture of François Leterrier “breath developing” a Garnier & Salomon dusting-on print.

May this be our greetings card from Paris… 😉