Plates drying on a rack.

Today I made a few new clear glass ambrotype plates. I used two separate collodion formulae, one called “New Guy” and the other  “Old Guy” recipe by Quinn Jacobson. The difference between them is in using different salts to iodize the plate before it gets sensitized by solution of silver nitrate. Both have some cadmium bromide in them, and The New Guy uses ammonium iodide vs. Old Guy’s potassium iodide.

It appears from different sources that collodion containing ammonium iodide is sometimes prone to peeling off the plate, if the glass is not cleaned extremely well. That’s what happend with a couple of plates when I used the New Guy formula. At its worst, the collodion layer would totally float away in the fixer or wash.

New Guy collodion, lens: 380mm, F:13 (a rear element of a process camera lens), exposure: 8 sec. This picture was taken through a window – it was a rainy and windy, low contrast  day outside.

Old Guy collodion, lens: 300mm F:5, exposure: 12 sec.

Jalo Porkkala: Jukka, clear glass ambrotype.
Old Guy collodion, lens: 300mm F:5, exposure: 18 sec.