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Happy Holidays!

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I certainly am going to post here more… but don’t hold your breath — I guess there will inevitably be a break now as I am writing a report about this little research of ours.

There will be posts coming about gum printing, bromoil, lith printing, and some silver plating after the turn of the year.

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Holidays!

Return To Gum, Part 4

Posted by on 01 Dec 2010 | Tagged as: Gum Bichromate

The last part of the 4-color gum printing; the paper glued onto aluminium. Printing the rest of the layers on top of the black first layer.

Coating the cadmium yellow pigment over the ivory black.

Developing in water after the exposure.

The black plus the yellow layer.

The magenta (permanent carmine) going on top next.

Developing the magenta layer.

Three layers printed.

Coating the last layer, phthalo blue.

The final wash.

Jalo Porkkala: An Oklahoman Landscape, 4-color gum print.