November 2009

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Silver Bath Tank

Posted by on 26 Nov 2009 | Tagged as: Ambrotype

Conceptual images of a silver bath tank for collodion wet plates. After iodized collodion is poured on a plate it is sensitized by dipping into a silver bath. The plate will then get light sensitive. The silver bath tank will need to be light-tight, OR made of transparent red material (if one wishes to work with lights on while the plate is being sensitized).

Our plan is to purchase pieces of red Plexiglass (8 mm thick) from a local supplier, then glue them together. This will be a simple tank (with a lid) for plates up to 8×10″ size.

Looks like we little by little are getting the stuff needed for our first collodion pour!

Prints At A Show

Posted by on 23 Nov 2009 | Tagged as: Cyanotype, Vandyke Brown

Recently I had a display of theatre photographs from 30 years (1979-2009) – basically photos taken on b&w and color negative film (and some digital shots) and shown as inkjet prints at a gallery. In the show there were a few prints that I made with alternative techniques, namely some pigmented Vandyke browns and a cyanotype.

The set of the three pictures below is from The Bourgeois Gentleman by Molière.

Monsieur Jourdain, a bourgeois. Pigment toned Vandyke brown print on COT320 paper.

Madame Jourdain, his wife. Pigment toned Vandyke brown print on COT320 paper.

The Music Master. Pigment toned Vandyke brown print on COT320 paper.

The picture below is a cyanotype print – originally made for the poster for The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter.

The Birthday Party. Cyanotype on Guarro paper.