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APIS 2009

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On July 30 – August 1 we took part in the Alternative Photography International Symposium (APIS) in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here we have some pictures of the print showing and demonstrations.

Project Vedos
Project Vedos showed some of their ongoing work.

Jalo Porkkala showing some pigment toned Vandyke Brown prints.

Polymer gravure combined with inkjet prints, shown by Pirkko Holm.

Silver Emulsions & Paper
Denise Ross made a very interesting presentation on making your own silver emulsions. Now that many commercial film and paper manufacturers are discontinuing their production lines the subject truly is acute.

Denise Ross showing her silver emulsion work.

Carbon Printing
There was a carbon printing demo at Bostick & Sullivan location.

Dick Sullivan and Bob Herbst showing a roll of carbon printing tissue, manufactured by Bostick & Sullivan.

Bob Herbst processing a carbon print.

A carbon print on aluminium.

Wet Plate Demo
Also at Bostick & Sullivan there was a demonstration on wet plate photography by Luther Gerlach. You can view a video of him working on YouTube.

Luther Gerlach introducing his 22×30 mammoth wet plate camera.

This is the plate size of the mammoth camera.

Luther Gerlach giving a lecture from the door of his darkroom van.

Pouring collodion on the plate.

Luther didn’t use the mammoth camera for this demo, but this smaller wet plate camera.

All set for shooting.

The model (sorry I forgot his name) has to keep still for the long exposure.

The plate in water after processing.

The picture came out nice – and it really is a cool image!