May 2008

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Printing-Out Tests

Posted by on 13 May 2008 | Tagged as: Lumen / POP

To get back to lumen printing, we tried again some over-age papers by exposing them to the sunlight. At the time of the tests the UV index was not yet very high in Finnish spring, but we exposed these prints out in the sun for several hours.

It seems that Dmax of these papers (used this way) is quite low, and you can not increase it by exposing more; with overexposure you just get your highlights murky and lower contrast overall. The print looks pretty nice right after the exposure, but will bleach considerably in subsequent wash and fixer (but I guess the fixer is necessary to ensure the print´s longevity). Maybe we should try toning with gold or platinum, before the fixer, and see if it would prevent bleaching.


This is how an old Agfa Record-Rapid looks after a nine and a half hours exposure in the sun. We had a digital negative here, actually a threefold negative, to increase contrast.

As it turns out, the paper prints the whole Stouffer 21-step wedge, all the way from step 1 to 21!

The image gets lighter and changes color after it is washed shortly and fixed for two minutes in 5% solution of sodium thiosulphate (hypo).

Two more photograms with plants on old Emaks paper. The exposure was 5 hours on a sunny day, and another 4,5 hours on the next day.